Ram Giri This blog is about your ability to discover, enjoy and share more of the vast amount of unconditional love that lies waiting inside you, in your Heart Center, in the spiritual core of your being.

In the HeartCore in the middle of your chest lies all the love that is possible in creation. This is true for every human Heart. You can access it there. It is the seat of the soul and the nature of the soul is one with the infinite light of God.

How much of this love have you been using? How much have you tasted, and how much have you allowed to flow through you into your world? Regardless of how much you have loved, there is infinitely more of this love available to you.

The HeartEssence is the water of life, the nectar that makes life worthwhile, the quintessence of healing, and the blissful driving force in all relationships. If you want to become more fully alive, drink from this Source. It will heal your life, bring you great joy and shine your light into the darkness.

You are the source of the light. Discover it in you. We are all waiting for you to do this. We want to see your light, for when we see it in you, it will be easier for us to know the light and the love in us. Let’s explore together how to enlighten the Heart, how to nurture ourselves from this Source, how to love ever more deeply.

~ ~ ~

BabaThis work arose in response to a prayer I had after my guru, the legendary Maharajji Neem Karoli Baba, left his body in 1973. I prayed that some day I might be given a way to share the indescribable gift of love I have received from him.

Since then he has guided me unerringly every step of the way until I am now able to set before you this meal, this great feast of the love that is hidden inside all of us. May you quench your hunger for peace and for happiness. I offer you these gifts in the spirit of complete gratitude.

Ram Giri

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