9/11: Let’s Put the Inner Terrorist out of Business – Part 3

Posted on September 10, 2010

Now it has come again, this sad day. We hear great waves of disturbance around us, as though a stone was thrown into a pond and the ripples are spreading. Intolerance, fear, prejudice and confusion, one follows the other. We see the disturbance in the world and what can we do? How can we not feel helpless in the face of threatened Koran burnings and fanaticism on all sides?

There is much we can do. First of all we can keep our cool. We can notice the shrill voices and perhaps they are not so attractive. And so we can listen to the quiet voice within. What does it say? Where does it guide us?

I think it leads us into the opposite direction of fanaticism, toward peace and compassion. Maybe that is the purpose. Maybe that is the teaching of 9-11.

Okay, I’ll drop the ‘maybe.”

The louder the madness grows, the more obvious is the need for inner peace, for acceptance and an inner safety that can radiate out from us into the world. To find this inner safety and peace is our work.

We have been given much grace. We are not caught in the common delusion of conflict. We have the means to end the internal wars – and this is the all-important step toward how the external wars will end.

On this day I wish you the peace that is the exact opposite of what this day has come to symbolize. It is already within you!

Namaste – Ram Giri

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