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Making Peace a Reality

July 11, 2012 1 comment

Tweet Every so often we can taste a moment of freedom from worry, inner anxiety, depression, and fear—and we know somehow that we could live like that all the time. But soon enough this moment of peace is disrupted. Then—if we are clear—we may realize that we stand in our own way. We create what […]

“My parents shouldn’t have to suffer”

June 30, 2011 1 comment

Tweet How to Rise Above the Pain of Attachment to Find Love, and Why only a Clear Mind is Capable of True Affection and Caring The most surprising Aha! moments come when we realize that something we have been absolutely sure about is completely untrue. Like a sudden ray of light into darkness we realize […]

Some Questions and Answers about Reality

February 10, 2011 No comments yet

Tweet Question: Today I woke up confused and with many doubts. I am confused because since there is not an absolute truth, how do we know that our behaviors are correct? Ram Giri: There is YOUR truth. Your being will know it because it is free of stress. Stress is the measurement you can use. […]

The Brilliant Idea

September 13, 2010 No comments yet

Tweet Maggy doesn’t like her arms. They’re just too hairy. She shaves them, she waxes them and still they are always a thorn in her side. The hair on her arms is the focal point of her self-rejection. Perhaps it’s your boss, or your first boyfriend who mistreated you, or life itself. Somewhere your unhappiness […]

After 9-11

September 12, 2010 No comments yet

Tweet The day is past and some of us came together in a wonderful workshop, stepping out of the imprisonment of our stressful thoughts and emotions. This is how we are creating peace in this world, one mind and heart at a time. Let me offer you a quote by Byron Katie today: “I am […]

The Wisdom of Vasistha

July 29, 2010 No comments yet

Tweet One of the greatest books of the wisdom literature of this planet is the yet little known “Vasistha’s Yoga.” The following is a quote from it regarding self-inquiry and the Heart: If one has achieved even a little bit of control over the mind by self-enquiry, such a person has attained the fruit of […]

God’s will

April 22, 2010 No comments yet

Tweet “Everything that happens is God’s will. When you realize that, you’re home free.” – Byron Katie

Interview, Ram Giri with Byron Katie

November 24, 2009 8 comments

Tweet Ram Giri: Hi Katie Byron Katie: Hi R G: Katie, Freud once said that the most important question we need to ask is weather the universe is kind. And in my case I always believed that the universe is very harsh and unfriendly, and I know many people who live in that belief, in […]