A New Years Resolution: To Generate the Greatest Happiness

Posted on December 29, 2015

Life is vast and profound. All power resides in life. It goes on by itself, it lives us, we are like passengers on a ship. Life inevitably takes us where we need to go due to karmic forces we have set in motion, and we have no control over that. We have choice only in the karmic patterns we create now.

The more we try to impose our ego’s will on life, the more difficult it gets. The thoughts in our head simply cannot plumb the depth of life. They are like the conversations of deranged passengers on a ship who imagine they are the captain.

Thoughts are meaningless in reality. Reality is the infinite and timeless awareness in which life happens. It is always completely peaceful and we are able to become aware that we are always living as that. We must remember that we are this boundless peace and always exist as that. Attachments to the world and our thoughts capture our awareness in what is false and make us blind. This is how we are lost in the prison of our own imagination. Let the imagined world take its course and abide in the peace of your nature.

The most profound peace and all-encompassing love are always present, right now, exactly where you are. The single problem is that you are not aware of it. Too busy for peace, too afraid to love.

Attachment is the veiling force.

Existence with attachment = the world of suffering
Existence without attachment = the realm of the free

Because of attachment we try to create a future that can be less subject to desire and fear, but we don’t know the correct mechanism to do so. Trying to reach peace by satisfying the cravings of the ego is like trying to quench a fire by throwing more fuel into it. This is delusion. Therefore the typical efforts of humans at this time cannot lead to peace, love and happiness. The solution is to encounter the world with love.

Each time your joyful, open presence touches someone’s heart, you give them the precious gift of sharing with them a moment of the exquisite awakened state. That is how you have planted a seed of karma that must bear fruit. The seeds of karma bear all kinds of fruit, but if you sow the best seed, you will have the best harvest, the best tree.

To open to be completely loved is very difficult because you are completely exposed. That is why, in HeartSourcing, we practice exposing ourselves fully to our own hearts. Here we discover that receiving love is as safe as it is blissful. With practice we become used to this bliss and find the confidence to share it. This does not have to be noticed by anybody. Giving evolves us. The receiving is in the sharing.

When love is given and consciously received without falling into the trap of attachment, a powerful seed of pure light has been planted. Notice whenever that happens and reflect deeply on the ability of love to share itself through your person. That is how the real is born in the unreal. The light is born into the darkness.

Plant seeds of this light of love and you will receive the happiness of many. This is the greatest happiness.


Enjoy Next Year’s Journey!


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