Celebrating the End of the Rule of the Tyrannical Ego

Posted on September 5, 2011

The people of Libya have rid themselves of their oppressor and are celebrating.

Celebration of Freedom Women in Tripoli after Eid day 2-9-2011

I cannot help but be struck by the symbolism of this wonderful party, and what it can mean for us.

We too are involved in a ‘holy war.’ It is the true jihad, the inner struggle to free ourselves of the dictatorship of the ego that has caused us immense suffering. And while we are still in the middle of this all-important struggle for freedom, our eventual victory is certain because the forces of darkness can only obscure the light for a while.

Even the considerations at the end of this video of the new government’s move back to the capital, is reminiscent of the great shift of focus in the process of seeking enlightenment: the dissolving of the rule of the thinking mind and the return of our center into the heart.

Let’s enjoy this external victory over darkness today and know that the celebration of our own internal and final victory over the ego, once achieved, will never come to an end!

Ram Giri


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