Cultivating Generosity

Posted on January 26, 2017

As we aim to live increasingly in the abundance of the heart, it is crucial for us to cultivate the practice of unconditional giving, giving with no strings attached. The reason for this is simple: the essence of giving is great abundance, which is the core quality of our true identity, the spiritual Heart or hridayam. Even a hidden scarcity attitude poisons our life because it is contrary to our true nature. Therefore it create stress and ego contraction. Unfortunately most people are so accustomed to this fear-based way of life that it seems completely normal and they don’t question it. So it takes a conscious effort to begin a life based on abundance and fearlessness.

When we have opened even a little bit to that bountiful quality of the Heart, then we can begin to sense that “Giving IS receiving.” Giving and receiving are one and the same movement. Let’s say you give some money to a worthy cause. As you do that, you appear to ‘lose’ something (money), but are enriching yourself because you become a giving person, you become aligned with the deepest strain of your true nature, the Heart. So what you receive is not only vastly more precious and important, it also lasts forever, it cannot be lost, like money can be easily lost. And so it is with generosity in all aspects of life; when you give you are automatically enriched.

Practicing generosity in tangible ways is the direct antidote to the scarcity driven fear that is unconsciously imprinted into all of us from early on. That is why developing generosity has always been part of all true sadhana. Opening to the flow of giving and receiving is necessary to create a core capacity for awareness beyond the limiting mindset of our culture that asks “What’s in it for me?”  With each concrete act of giving, generosity becomes a more permanent inner state of mind and heart and reveals to us the absolute abundance of creation.

When we give freely, receiving is immediate and complete.  Nothing else is required. Notice how you feel in an act of unconditional giving. It means you don’t even expect a “Thank you,” or any other acknowledgment or appreciation.

To strengthen your capacity for unconditional giving and to overcome any subtle expectation of reward, here is an exercise:

Your task is to do three things (big or small) every day for someone else, without them finding out who did it. If you are found out, you have to start from the beginning and find another three ways of anonymous giving. Many people find this difficult in the beginning, but continue and notice how such secret giving makes you feel.

Every expression of unconditional generosity purifies the heart and reveals a bit of the absolute abundance of the Heart. Such selfless actions create and empower a field of generosity in and around you. They show you that it is indeed a privilege to have people in your life to whom you can give – of your time, your interest, your service, your money, and more.

Stay in balance with your giving. Give as much as you can, but not more. As you develop a sense of your capacity to give, it may surprise you. And as you give, be aware of what you receive. With each act of giving, do you notice what you get? Do you notice the precious momentary high of this act of pure love and service with no strings attached? And are you aware of the lasting and timeless quality of becoming an abundant and generous human being by each act of giving, living out of your abundant soul and not your ego?

As you become able to give like this, you gather the only true wealth, which will not eventually be lost. It is far superior to material wealth. Even the richest person on earth in the end dies alone and penniless. But we all take with us the abundance or scarcity of our hearts, who we have become, either by living in fear or out of confidence, inner security and peace, built through generosity.

Love, Ramgiri


© 2017 HeartSourcing® Institute, Ramgiri Braun, Ph.D.

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