Devotion is a Divine Obsession

Posted on November 15, 2009

BabaYou can be devoted to your highest goal by turning toward your ‘divine Beloved.’ Your Beloved is the form of the infinite that attracts you the most. What form is that for you? Anyone has the possibility to develop a meaningful relationship with their Beloved. This relationship grows through three different levels.

On the most basic level your interest is mental. You consider and tell stories or theories about the Beloved. You may be interested in theories about God. You may think of the Beloved in historical terms, as someone who lived in the past. This is of interest to the mind, but it lacks the great intimacy the relationship offers.

On the next level you experience the Divine through symbols that guide and instruct you. It is more intimate. You can go deep into the meaning of the stories of the Beloved, who the Beloved is, and how she or he lived and taught and led by example. Much can be learned from that because the lives of the great sacred beings who have graced this world carry deep symbolic meaning and power for us. This will guide and uplift you and enable you to gain a measure of insight and wisdom.

And yet, this symbolical level, while more transformative than a merely mental relationship, is not yet fully alive. Not as alive as encountering the Beloved in the immediacy of the Here and Now as a living and breathing reality. Not as alive as falling deeply in love. This is when devotion begins to take on a life of its own.

On this stage you can tune into the soul-level symphony that exists unknown to most in this world: the reality of the divine realm, here and now. It can become accessible to you as the skills of devotion awaken the heart. They help you cultivatebhava, an Indian term that describes a refined sensitivity to the subtle qualities of the heart. It gives you the ability to direct your love so it keeps you increasingly in conscious relationship with the Beloved. As your bhava, your sacred passion increases, the delusion of separation from the Beloved dissolves and you experience Him/Her increasingly present in your world.

The development of this love of God also goes through three stages. Most fundamentally it is simply a gift. It arises, and it arises more easily in the company of those who have developed this love for God in themselves. You can enhance it withacts of devotion, worship and service. This helps you to develop an awareness of the inner presence of the Beloved. He is with you and guides your steps in life. Finallybhava culminates in oneness with the Beloved, in enlightenment. This is the internal divine marriage, lived here in this world in everyday life. It is the culmination of the human experience.

The yoga of devotion is a potent spiritual practice. The experience of pure divine love is the perfect antidote to our suffering. You have many choices of how you spend your time on this planet. You can remain in your habitual state of mind with its daily stressors, short-lived fun, mundane desires and alienation – or seek the bliss of the Beloved that lies waiting for you in your core. According to the choices you make you create the quality of your life.

Religion at its best has always shown us the value of devotion. Think of the amazing treasures of art and music in all cultures that are the expression of devotion. Or let’s look for a moment at the great love of God in the Muslim world. Most of us are not familiar with this way. But think of it: Five times a day a prayer toward Meccareaffirms the submission and commitment of the heart to Allah, creating a powerful awareness toward what really matters. This focus creates a deep sense of devotion, solidarity and belonging. Over time it allows you to merge with the object of your devotion.

In truth you and the Beloved have always been One. Devotion is a powerful way to lift the illusion of separateness which is the cause of our pain. Ideally devotion becomes more than a skill or a practice. It becomes a divine obsession. It is a way of living in the essence of the pure love of the soul, in an effortless state of continual communion with God. This is true happiness.


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