Divine Intimacy

Posted on October 10, 2012

You know the feeling. It is written deep in your DNA. It is the most intimate connection you have with you, and with life.

It started when you were in your mother’s womb, floating in the ocean of bliss, every need of life taken care of. It is the place beyond worry, beyond even the notion that anything could ever be stressful. It is the place of complete unconditional love. And every human being carries its memory deep in the mind.

And instinctively we seek it, we yearn for this sense of being absolutely at home with ourselves, and with the world.

Human beings have given an image to the fulfillment of this profound yearning. It is the form of the Divine Mother. Her image in the mind, and her living presence in the heart are a gateway into the most profound happiness of enlightenment.

Devotion to the Goddess is a soft path, and yet it is powerful, because She is power itself. She is the force that keeps creation alive. When you turn to Her in trust and develop a relationship with Her divine presence, then you will discover the universe to be a most caring place.

Then you will feel Her touch and Her guidance in everything: in the soft evening breeze that caresses your skin, and in the internal fire that destroys the source of illusion and pain. You will find Her in the embrace of loving community, and in the fullness of your own heart.

There is no place where She is not, and She is especially alive in the innermost space of your heart.

There, in the heart, in the heart of all of us, St Catherine of Siena merged into identity with the Goddess when she wrote:

God’s art is mine. I did not want this divine talent.
It simply grew in my heart from
the way I loved.
Existence is a young child moving through
a lane at night;
it wanted to
hold my hand.
Here, dear earth, hold me,
until your own dawn.

~ Daniel Ladinsky, Love Poems from God

with love,

and the Skills for Awakening

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