Drinking from the Heart!

Posted on October 19, 2011

…an Excerpt taken from Ram Giri’s forthcoming book:

” Practicing HeartSourcing is beneficial anytime, anywhere. This is not just because it feels good, but because it is a direct way to access the gifts of the Self, the inner guru, the Supreme Reality. The good feelings you enjoy with HeartSourcing are an emanation of the bliss of God and they will guide you toward liberation, the Source of real happiness.

The aim of HeartSourcing is to have an open heart in all your activities in order to come closer to the Self and eventually merge with it. The more you are able to feel the heart nectar, the more it will attract you. It is the most delicious and enticing sensation and you can give yourself to it completely because it is completely safe. The first benefit is that you feel good in the moment, but it does much more than that. With practice, your ego will become more subtle as it identifies increasingly with love, which dissolves the heavy burden of the pain body. Whatever challenge you encounter, see it as an opportunity to taste the sweetness of the heart-essence. The place of stress in the body IS the invitation to the heart to pour its healing essence into it. Anything painful, therefore, becomes simply another occasion to experience the inner union of Lover and Beloved.

The more your mind dwells in the heart, the more grace you receive. HeartSourcing is a delightful path because you begin immediately to taste the fruit of your efforts, and its blessings follow you through all stages of your journey.

You can practice at any moment. Focus on your heart while washing the dishes, while waiting at a red light, while speaking with someone, while working, playing, or resting. Do it in the middle of an argument or when you are sick or in pain. Moment by moment, make your life come alive with your love. And remember to use The Work and Open Attention to help you quickly remove the obstructions that keep you a prisoner of conditioned existence. Use them to peel away the causes of suffering layer by layer.

Whether you know it or not, you are always tithing your time and effort either to the Self or to your ego. At any moment, you strengthen one or the other. By doing nothing and simply continuing to live as a conditioned, ego-driven mind, you call suffering into your life, because the essence of ego is suffering. The love of the Self is the most powerful medicine to prevent such a waste of potential.

Inevitably the pain body will interfere with your attempts to become free; it will try to make you forget your skills when you need them most. But if you have cultivated a steady habit of practice and have the support of spiritual friends, your chances are much better that you will remember to meet life in the most skillful way. In this way you can make sure that the next valley will be as short and as shallow as possible.”

We invite you to practice HeartSourcing for 10 consecutive days, and if you want, let us know about your experience!

with love,

Ram Giri
and the Skills for Awakening

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  1. Anne Haug
    Oct 25, 2011

    Thank you for this exquisite excerpt from your forthcoming book. I love how you convey the path of Heart.

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