God’s Angry Email Brings a Teaching

Posted on September 1, 2010

Everyone is our teacher, everyone is part of God, the only question is: are we listening?

Of course at times I am far too busy with my self-importance to listen to anyone. The chatter of my thoughts is more ‘interesting’ then paying attention to God. (Oh, when am I going to be sufficiently tired of myself?)

So I was blessed by a return email (from God) that spelled out in detail how I had treated the writer with a sense of entitlement, something I’ve been working on lately. (see: The Angry Email from God!  http://blog.skillsforawakening.com/blog.- August 30.) Wow, there it was, black on white on my screen. I couldn’t deny it, he was right. I was grateful and distressed at the same time. Here my pain body was again, clear to see. It had tricked me again.

And so the screen of my self-deception was punctured. Thank God I know enough to take the bitter medicine and to appreciate what it does for me. So I wrote a letter back, admitting, apologizing and mending fences. And sure enough, immediately I received a pleasant reply, ending the whole drama. Thanks!

We have no choice in the way we act as long as we are in the grip of our blindness. Of course, once we find out the mind may want to break into self-recrimination, but I was able to stop this old impulse. It’s such a waste of time. I rather learn instead. So I looked at my past behavior with the intention to see it clearly for what it was. This way I can become more aware and free not to repeat it.

This is the price of wisdom: to look deeply at what keeps us unconscious, at what we want to deny.

What’s left is gratitude. Everyone is my teacher. How wonderful. Even – and especially – the people who are difficult to deal with are offering me precious gifts. I am truly blessed!

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  1. mar
    Sep 13, 2010

    hello. thanks. namaste…learning ALOT from your open-hearted journey. tried to read the “angry e-mail from God” as I thought it would speak to me, too…but website would not allow it…can you forward it to me?


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