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Posted on June 2, 2011

I am riding my bike through the Miami traffic to get some movement into these old bones, and I can’t help but notice how aggressive people are. They honk and curse at the little old lady in front of them, then pass her in a cloud of exhaust fumes to enjoy the great victory of stopping at the next light right in front of her. Sad, destructive, and so very unnecessary.

Of course it IS necessary for them to be just the way they are so they can eventually come to the point where they can see their own folly. Sadly it may be after a heart attack at 52 brought on by hostility. All is as it is supposed to be in this world, and I think I’ll bike the back roads from now on.

This brings up the question: where am I still like them, aggravating myself for no reason, out of self-involved blindness?

It gets tricky here because it’s so easy to see someone else’s faults. It’s easy to get aggravated and frustrated, to blame, to ‘know better,’ to be defensive. We love to do it because it strengthens the ego. And we have a powerful unconscious commitment to continue this madness.

Or we can wake up from these many layers of self-induced suffering. We do it by becoming still, by questioning our stressful beliefs and dissolving the negative emotional patterns that keep us prisoners of our own blindness. And most of all we do it by the repeated practice of turning inside to nurture ourselves from the unlimited inner Source of Self-Love.

HeartSourcing is the direct tapping into this inner Source. As you proceed in the practice of this powerful meditation you will be able to feel the Heart Essence more and more deeply. You will recognize that all the happiness you have ever felt has come from here, and all the happiness you will ever feel will come from here, from the blissful Self which you can access in the spiritual Heart.

This inner Source of fulfillment, of unconditional love, of all-embracing kindness is never-ending. It is absolute generosity, the nature of your true Being. And as you taste the unlimited abundance of what you are, you are freed from dependence on what the world can give or take away. You become free of desire and aversion, the twin poisons of human life.

Becoming free of desire and aversion you shake off the ignorance of the Self, the inner Source. Becoming independent of your external circumstances, you enjoy inner balance and harmony. This brings to you a great deal of energy, as your inner vitality is no longer blocked by emotional tensions.

And of course this inner love you feel wants to share itself. It spontaneously communicates itself to the people around you, for that is the nature of love. Peace teaches peace, just like aggression teaches aggression. The question that remains with me at every moment is this: What am I teaching?

So the next time I am on my bike, how will I meet the driver who honks at me and cuts me off while yelling into his cell phone? Can I stay in my peace? Will I keep feeling my Heart, breathing in the amazing luxury that arises undisturbed from within? Or will I fall into tension, which I create by my own negative emotions, and then blame it on him?

How aware can I be? Can I see that all circumstances and all encounters are perfectly designed to help me wake up from my own negativity? Some people’s job is to nurture and love me. Other people serve me by challenging me. The love of God is everywhere. Can I stay open to it?

I look forward to the next person whom my mind wants to blame. He will be my next teacher of peace.

with love and gratitude,

Ram Giri

Skills for Awakening

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