How Not to Fall Back Into Suffering

Posted on November 3, 2014

When we have a powerful awakening experience it creates ripples, like a rock thrown into a pond. I’ve experienced this ripple effect since going into the heart so deeply last Sunday, with the feisty old pain body throwing at me whatever it could come up with to get me to fall unconscious and suffer. I notice that the darker emotions that emerged this week have not had the power to swallow me up, except for moments so I could learn. It seems that the intuition I had holds true: that going deep into the heart can create such permanent change.

Yesterday evening this became most obvious. I entered a very light expansive state, an elation and peace in which I sensed the fruit of what I had experienced. The experiment seems to be working: Let the heart-sun shine strongly enough on the puddles of negative emotions and thoughts and they will dry up.

That makes me think of devotion, the systematic cultivation of unconditional love and the deep gratitude for any moment of life. And especially I am grateful to you for being interested enough in my ramblings so I can hear myself explain these things to you and to me, for I am learning this as we go along.

Again I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback. It will make this experience even fuller for all of us. We are all waking up together.

with love,

and the HeartSourcing Yoga Team

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5 Responses to “How Not to Fall Back Into Suffering”

  1. Jennifer
    Nov 04, 2014

    Dear friend and teacher, thank you for sharing your truth of how you have experienced the pain body in what reads to be a challenging way. Can this be part of the purification? Maybe the ‘heavy lifting’ becomes possible as we become ever more adept heart-centred witnesses to our own healing? So many layers – how deep does the karma run?

    Right now I am flooded with fear as a somatic sensation and it threatens to drag me into an unconscious state ie identified with that and creating mind stories, thought scenarios of negative outcomes etc. I would prefer to believe that this is passing through and it feels like a yoga to stay present with what is true and avoiding the collapse.

    It is helpful to know that such *temptations* can arise among the more accomplished and experienced, such as yourself. Helps me to understand the universality of the human condition, the truth that we are awakening through a deep release and it strengthens the heart-bond and compassion.

    Thankyou, thank you.

  2. Patrick
    Nov 05, 2014


    What a humble offering, so refreshing to hear your form and emptiness dance. I offer satsang in Perth Western Australia (on break atm) and one of my old students Dee sent this through to me.

    It is rare in the teaching process for there to be an exposure of the natural workings of this mind-body relationship with its nature, a priority dear to my heart so thanks for continuing to dissolve the teaching conspiracy that awakened living is not still a purification of the old and yet unseen.

    Good job 🙂


  3. Administrator
    Nov 11, 2014

    Hi Patrick,
    When we run out of the job of purification of one body, there are a few billion others, all our own. Great to hear from you and to be seen.
    Much love
    Ramgiri 🙂

  4. Administrator
    Nov 11, 2014

    Dear Jennifer,
    The pain body is with us until the ego becomes completely transparent. Until then it’s our ‘sparring partner,’ giving us plenty of opportunity to become self-aware. Yes, this is purification. You are perfectly right; to witness the pain body dissolves it. We go deeper and deeper until we are securely established in the heart (the most powerful antidote) and run out of levels of junk. It may seem exhausting and the mind gets exasperated, but it is the process by which we come to know our true strength and love. This is yoga and it all passes.
    It’s good that eventually we learn to take ourselves much more lightly.
    Your heart WILL see you through. Everything else is not true.
    With love, Ramgiri

  5. Jennifer
    Nov 17, 2014

    Thank you ‘this is yoga and it all passes’ will be a very helpful support. Many blessings.

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