How to Approach the End of Your Suffering

Posted on September 6, 2010

We don’t want to suffer. So what do we need to do when it comes, small or big? Grin and bear it? Hope for a better world after we die? All that has been tried. I prefer to end suffering.

Many voices that will tell you it’s impossible, that suffering is part of life. But not so fast! There are after all people who are free of it. These accomplished beings among us are showing us the way. The fact is, if just one person can do it, we all have that same potential. It may take us awhile to get there (or not), but what’s the alternative? Continue to suffer. (Not good.)

And if the Buddhists are right, we have done it since beginningless time. (Not good at all!)

So if we look closely at suffering we see that it arises in us. We need to fix it there, rather than trying to change the world so it won’t offend us. We’ve tried that for thousands of years and it hasn’t worked so well.

Let’s do it together, day by day. I will give you tips in these blog posts. Please let me know how it goes for you, give me your questions and problems and I will try to answer and respond as best I can. We’re in this together. Let’s walk this amazing road to the end of pain!

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