How You Obstruct God’s Love

Posted on May 11, 2011

For Jane it’s her weight. George thinks he is not a good enough provider for his family. Since the kids teased her in school, Carol believes she is not pretty.

This is how we carry our hidden pain with us like a snail carries its house. And every so often we withdraw right into it, into our most private terror.

It’s like we are saying to God, “Love me—but not in this place. In this place in my mind leave me my shame, leave me my lack of self-love.” And we think it cannot be another way, and we believe our lies.

And God, in that innermost place in the Heart, listens, and is powerless because love does not force itself. This infinite love in us waits, and waits some more, with infinite patience, until we are ready to open.

Until we trust enough, like a flower gives itself entirely to the sun. Until we open to the power in us to love, to trust, to know with absolute certainty that we are powerful enough to free us from any pain we carry in us.

Imagine the flower, basking fully exposed in the midday sun. How glorious! It absorbs every last ray, every magnificent bit of warmth. It is fully alive.

It doesn’t say, “Not this. Not this love. It is too strong. I have to hold on to the darkness in me. I am not ready for love.”

No. It surrenders to the splendor of life. You can be like that.

In you lies this type of openness, this kind of surrender to the light and the love in you. It is the absolute and unconditional love of the Self. And it never forces itself. It waits. It waits for you to respond to its many calls.

This love, this courage, will never betray you. It is your very own. It flows from your heart and only you can evoke it—or shut it down.

Call on that love to set you free of all you don’t need. Let it shine into the concealed crevices of the mind where darkness still hides.

Light and love are a higher reality than darkness and fear. When you invite them to flow from your heart to free the rest of your being, miracles happen.

Light dispels darkness instantly, leaving not a single trace. Love dissolves fear and reveals it as a bad dream of a past that is over and gone and a future that can be much more kind than you imagine.

If you’re still, you can feel it right now, right here in the very core of your chest. It is the infinite Source, the strongest power of healing.

You are equipped like that, imagine! As someone who knew once said, “If you had faith, you could move mountains.” This faith has its roots in your Heart and you can discover it there.

But because no one ever showed you that you have divine inner capacities, they have remained unused until now. But you can learn to use them until all the pain is dissolved and you are free.

with love,

Ram Giri

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