Love is a Necessity

Posted on December 24, 2014

Christmas is the celebration of the birth of love in all of us. If what happened 2000 years ago has any meaning for us, it has to be this: Love can be born in us now and every moment of every day.

When we look with a clear mind at the way we are destroying our environment, we realize that love is the only thing that will allow us to survive. It is the supreme force that overcomes the forces of blindness and ego that are destroying our world. And yet there is a conspiracy against saying it. Let’s break that conspiracy now.

 Love is a Necessity

Today it is more important for our survival than oxygen. Consciousness ruled by ego is the problem. Consciousness in the service of love is the solution. And we all have an unlimited supply of love inside us, if we just care to use it.

Love is not wimpy. It is the greatest power on earth. It will transform you, your relationships and your world, in this order.

Love does not force itself. Either we discover and use it in order to live in peace and abundance, or we perish. We have become the masters of our existence. By refusing to change we choose the accelerating destruction of our world and of us. This is the choice we are facing today.

By saving ourselves we will save all of us because we are not isolated individuals. Each one of us is the most important element in the fabric of life. By gaining the wisdom to love, each one of us alone can change our world.

 “Love is all we need

because when we have love

we know we have all we need.”

The wisdom to love gives us enormous power. It is the power that will sustain our world. It is the superior power of “the meek that shall inherit the earth,” as Jesus said. It is the essence of the wisdom that puts and end to suffering, as Buddha taught. It is fully available in the core of our being, as all the past and present sages have taught.

Our unbridled capacity to harm our planet and ourselves has put us with our backs against the wall. We must change our ways; it is no longer an option to continue as usual. Those whose eyes are still closed will get them opened when they are ready. The only thing that matters is whether you understand and act now.

Our present peril is not a punishment given by an angry God. Quite the contrary is true. The state we’re in is simply due to the way we learn. To be honest, we don’t like to change unless we absolutely have to. This time has come and it is the expression of a caring universe to guide us to love, to what we have yearned for since time began.

The time has come for the power of ego to be reigned in and the power of love to flourish. This is entirely good news, the best news we have ever received. Our time is now. It is the time of the awakened heart.

The Luxury of Love

Aside from being an absolute necessity these days, love is also the ultimate luxury. Love is the essence of happiness itself. Of course we are not speaking here of the many distortions we call love. We have misused the word to the extent that we no longer know what love is. We have called our desires and attachments love, our petty comforts and pleasures, our escapes and indulgences. These are not love. They hide love from us and keep us in a permanent state of dissatisfaction, irritation and despair.

Because of our confusion it appears as though love is not available, rare, unreliable and always ending in pain. But what we are describing is not love, it is our confusion about love. There is one simple rule: Love Never Hurts! If it hurts, if it even has the potential to hurt, it is not love but the absence, the lack of love. These misunderstanding we are here to remedy.

Love elevates us. Love nurtures us. When we’re in love we know we have everything we need. Love and awareness are one and the same. Love comes through clarity of the mind and clarity of mind, peace of mind plus love equals wisdom. Love is all we need because when we have love we know we have all we need. Love is absolute abundance. Love never runs out. Love is infinite and eternal. It is the key to the timelessness of our being. In love we are rich beyond measure. Love is the gateway to the world of reality.

So I think it is clear what I wish you for this holiday season. May we have the ability to rise to a higher expression of love, to serve each other and to remember that we are the one Source of love.

Happy Holidays!

with love, Ramgiri
and the HeartSourcing Yoga Family


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