Love is the Light of Enlightenment

Posted on January 25, 2016

Love is mysterious. No one can say they know what it is, and yet there is no one who does not know it when it comes.

It is impossible to understand pure love, the love of God, our deepest love. This is because, no matter how we are experiencing love, the experience transcends the mind and as we open, there is always infinitely more bliss waiting for us.

In other words, love is limitless. There are no boundaries around love.

Obviously I am not speaking here of the small personal ‘love’ that always wants something. When desire, attachment and fear are in the mix, love is still pure, but it is heavily veiled.

I am speaking here of the essence of our boundless Being.

This great Love in us is the very cause of creation; it keeps it alive, and it liberates us when our time has come. It is infinite and greater than all possible worlds because these worlds come out of love, exist and disappear again in love.

Through its agent Shakti, the divine power in creation, love is the expression of infinite timeless awareness. All of nature, the Divine Mother, is the expression of that love.

Therefore love leaves nothing out. It is not absent anywhere. It includes all: the highest pleasure and its dark shadow in the dream of the world, the most terrible pain. And love assures that all suffering is short-lived. It is here just long enough to awaken us to the all-encompassing, eternal bliss of the soul.

When we open to love we open to life. The enlightenment of the mind is just the first step.

First we have to stop being confused. Then we can realize that the pure divine love we all carry hidden in our hearts is the light of enlightenment. It lets enlightenment unfold in the world and it laughs back at us from everywhere.

This love forever yearns to serve us. We can receive the service of love at any time when we open to her in our heart. She waits with infinite patience and she has infinite power, for she is the Source of all that exists.

Love is waiting for you at this very moment. Right now, unseal your heart and open to her. And do it again and again, let this love be your only obsession, until your heart no longer closes.

All it takes is a thought. It is a thought of the heart that remembers its irresistible yearning for Oneness. Once you have that thought, love begins to caress your pain out of you, and your confusion. This is the beginning of blossoming.

Loving is continuous practice. It is the practice and the path and the fruit of the path. And it must start with you. That is what we tend to forget.

To love requires loving us first, to intimately know our own heart, for we can give only as much love as we have. And we can receive only as much as we give. You come to know your heart by loving you. For that you must love what you cannot yet love – in you and the world. This means, bring your love into your pain, into your hell, so your hell becomes filled with your love and your demons retire for good.

Loving your demons out of existence is powerful practice. It evokes the greatest healing force of all, the power in you that can overcome all the obstructions to love in your being. Then you can genuinely love everyone. And when you can genuinely love everyone, you can genuinely love anyone. The light of enlightenment penetrates everywhere.




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