Making Peace a Reality

Posted on July 11, 2012

Every so often we can taste a moment of freedom from worry, inner anxiety, depression, and fear—and we know somehow that we could live like that all the time.

But soon enough this moment of peace is disrupted. Then—if we are clear—we may realize that we stand in our own way. We create what hurts us inside the mind.

The mind does not want us to see that. It loves to make us believe that the problem is “out there,” that we just have to fix our spouse, our body, our boss, or our bank account and all will be well. If something else is the cause, then we’re not to blame…

That way we remain blind to the true cause of suffering. For that we need to look inside. We need to look at the mind.

It’s actually very simple: We experience what we believe. Henry Ford knew this when he said:

 “Those who believe they can, and those who believe they can’t, are both right.”

We create your own reality, for better or worse. And as far as our suffering is concerned, we create it unconsciously. To stop that, we need to question our stressful thoughts.

In my view, the most effective way to do this is a simple and powerful practice called The Work of Byron Katie. It is a way to clear the mind using four questions and something called a Turn-around. It is so simple, children can do it.

With this amazing skill you can enable yourself to awaken to a much better life. There are three steps you must take:

  1. Realize that your suffering can be overcome in a fundamental and lasting way, that your potential is infinitely more than you have been led to believe.
  2. Awaken yourself from the trance state of thinking you have to change “them” to have a better life, and change your mind instead.
  3. Practice the questioning of your stressful beliefs in order to find a deeper truth that will set you free.

Let me just speak here of the first question you can ask yourself of any stressful thought: Is it true?

It looks like a harmless little question, but if used correctly, it can start a revolution in the way your live your life. Here is how.

There are certain thoughts that we simply believe, even though they have caused us stress for a long time. Examples are:

Life is difficult. I need to know what to do. I can’t do it right. There is too much to do. I’m not good (smart, strong, good looking, etc.) enough. I need more money. I need to work hard. I’m too fat (thin). My boss (spouse, children) should appreciate me. The world isn’t a safe place…

And there are many, many more. (Here is a whole list of them:

What if all these beliefs turned out to not be true? After all they are just thoughts, not necessarily the truth. So if you questioned them, and they turned out to be untrue, who would you be then? How would you experience your life and your world?

My own experience with The Work (and in the course of the last dozen years that of millions of people) shows us that without these stressful beliefs we come to live in a state of peace. We function much better. Our relationships are more harmonious. Our outlook of life becomes positive and peaceful. We become more loving and more relaxed. We realize that happiness comes from inside.

If you’re like I was 12 years ago, you may never have questioned such thought. In my case they had survived about 30 years of meditation practice. But they didn’t survive these simple questions, and my life is infinitely better for it.

Here are some resources: if you want to practice The Work right away, go here:

For a live experience and personal instruction and help here in Miami, join us this Saturday, July 14th for a workshop where you will learn and practice The Work.

If you want personal help with a problem or challenge, call me at 305 567-1406 or email me at for a free half-hour consultation.

Do not let yourself suffer needlessly! It’s just not necessary. Freedom and peace are within your reach, so reach for them now!

** For more information on The Work you can visit our website!

With love,

Ram Giri
and the Skills for Awakening Team

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