Radha and Krishna

Posted on May 2, 2016

Mystical traditions use the imagery of external relationship to explain the experience of inner oneness. In India, Radha is the eternal beloved of Krishna. Krishna is the divine lover in every soul, the Source of all love.

With every fiber of her being Radha yearns for union with Krishna, but at first he is a fickle lover. When he comes to her Radha is bathed in bliss. But the taste of love, the dance of lovers, the bliss of the Self is interrupted again and again as he leaves her and it plunges Radha into the searing pain of separation, kindling the fires of love to burn that much brighter.

Radha of course is the soul, in love with the divine Source in the heart, Krishna. Every soul, whether male or female, is Radha. Every one of us yearns for love and is given moments of happiness, glimpses of a fulfillment we can nurture and grow until it is infinite.

But at first our minds are not pure enough to stay in the heart, to experience the union of love all the time. The distractions of mind and emotions make it seem that our lover has left, but we are the ones who have closed the door to the heart. Every time that happens, every time we suffer the pangs of separation from love, our devotion and determination, our yearning and our surrender can deepen, until the day when Krishna no longer leaves.

Then we live permanently in the absolute intimacy of the heart.

On that day we realize that Krishna is everywhere. Our mystical vision has opened and we perceive that love has no bounds. It has become all-embracing. Everyone and everything is revealed to be our love. Love is no longer confined to its Source in the heart. Our being has become boundless; our love knows no limit. We have become one with us and therefore we are one with the world.

On that day we will truly know what love is.





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