Some Questions and Answers about Reality

Posted on February 10, 2011

Question: Today I woke up confused and with many doubts. I am confused because since there is not an absolute truth, how do we know that our behaviors are correct?

Ram Giri: There is YOUR truth. Your being will know it because it is free of stress. Stress is the measurement you can use. What is stressful, whether it’s a thought, emotion or action, is not true to you. That’s why it is stressful.

Q: Are my stressful beliefs completely wrong?

RG: I don’t know.  That’s for you to explore, one by one.

Q: Is the purpose of The Work of Byron Katie to inquire reality?

RG: No, reality is what it is. Inquiry is for your thoughts about reality

Q: How will The Work free me?

RG: Inquire into a stressful thought. Find out the truth about it. That truth can set you free. That truth leads to the end of suffering.

Q: So, is there no right or wrong?

RG: In relative reality there is a very clear understanding of right and wrong. In the unified mind such distinctions do not apply. The unified mind contains and transcends the conventional mind and the way it deals with relative reality (duality).

Q: Do I need to accept the reality as it is, and not argue with it?

RG: How is arguing with reality working for you? What happens? How does it feel? How does it influence your behavior? What is the outcome? We say reality is always kinder than your story (and you war) about it. And please don’t believe anything I say. Find out for yourself if it is true for you or not.

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