Spiritual Anatomy: The Secret of Your Happiness

Posted on April 18, 2010

The first and last and most important of all questions you can ask is “Who am I?”

The answer to this question will put enlightenment in the palm of your hand.

But it’s a trick question. It doesn’t have an answer that can be told. You have to BE the answer to know. And you already are that answer.

Here is one way to look at it:

The core of your being is the spiritual Heart. It is where the above and the below, the left and right, the male and female in you meet and are one. It is the point of balance and harmony.

The experience of the Heart is unconditional love, profound peace, unlimited energy (shakti) and the supreme intelligence that can heal mind, body and soul.

To live with an open Heart is happiness itself and although we are confused a lot of the time, everyone seeks this elusive state of a deep happiness that can last.

We seek it everywhere where it cannot be found. We look everywhere but where it actually already is: in our Heart.

There, in the very core of your being, it waits patiently until you notice.

So why is it so hard to find?

Because the Heart is obstructed by the ‘10,000 things’ of the world, by constant distractions, desires and aversions and by confusion.

This is perplexing, but if you look closely, you can see that the 10,000 things you stress over are really just two things.

The true cause of stress and confusion are your stressful thoughts and emotions.

So when you know how to free yourself of these two things, you have the key to a masterful life. You have the key to true happiness

It actually is this simple! The wisdom of the ages boils down to this: If you have the skills to

  • Free yourself of stressful thoughts,
  • Release negative emotions, and
  • Nurture yourself deeply from the Source in the Heart…

… then you know the secret of true health and happiness.

Using the Skills allows you to enjoy real and rapid improvement. This is not a temporary state of comfort that ends in pain again, but lasting and true freedom.

Still, awakening (or enlightenment) is an experience of grace. We cannot ‘engineer’ it, no matter how hard we try or how skillful we are. Grace comes from surrender and not from an act of will. Awakening comes when we stop fighting against reality as it is, when we find peace in the here and now.

In that surrender to your reality you increasingly become who you really are. You become clear and in that clarity you will find the best path.

The best path leads to you. It leads to your ability to find in your Heart the grace of this moment, the wholeness that is in you, waiting for you to notice.

Because we are asleep to it, it is when we are shaken by hardship that we have a great chance to awaken. When we make it a habit to awaken ourselves, we do no longer have to wait for hardship to shake us. This can help us avoid hardship.

I wish you the peace of knowing that you do live in a universe that is above all a loving place, where even hardship can lead you to grace.

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