Terror and Love

Posted on November 20, 2015

Love is neither a weak emotion, nor an escape! It can be as soft as a feather and as sharp as a sword. If anything has ever changed and elevated the world, it is love. All other impulses end up spinning in circles.

What would love do for a soul, who is as confused as to believe that killing innocents can be an act in service to God? Would such a soul not want to be stopped in its insane behavior? Yes, in such cases love may have to take the form of a bullet or a prison cell – but this is not a real solution.

Souls of demonic temperament simply reincarnate with the same samskaras (unconscious tendencies), only to repeat their confusion again and again. As difficult as it may be to show such souls love in any form, it remains the only long-term solution. But since their very behavior and disposition rejects it, we can understand how extremely slow souls evolve that are so deeply obscured by illusion. And let us be clear, don’t we all experience some of the same tendency every time we get angry or hate?

Love is the very ground we stand on. It is the greatest healing power; it is the fundamental quality of the consciousness in which we experience our world. But it is hidden from us as long as we are asleep to its presence in us.

Our reaction to events like this latest terror attack can awaken us or send us more deeply into suffering. The choice is ours, and the only questions I see is individual: Is our own personal world rooted in this love or ruled by fear? And are we as fully committed as possible to taking the steps to free us? The terrorists’ actions are helpful in bringing to our attention this choice we all must make. Their actions can bring the impulse that frees us.



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