The Brilliant Idea

Posted on September 13, 2010

Maggy doesn’t like her arms. They’re just too hairy. She shaves them, she waxes them and still they are always a thorn in her side. The hair on her arms is the focal point of her self-rejection.

Perhaps it’s your boss, or your first boyfriend who mistreated you, or life itself. Somewhere your unhappiness crystallizes and since it’s always been this way you see no way out.

But Maggy knows The Work of Byron Katie and has set herself free successfully of many things that have bothered her. And yet that hair issue seemed unmovable, like it just had to be there. A monolith of her suffering.

So when I asked her whether she ever thought to do The Work on that hair she looked at me stunned. This thought just had never occurred to her. It was a revelation, an epiphany!

Yes, whatever pain we have, it’s just a bunch of thoughts and feelings. It’s not the hair, it’s never the person who hurt you. It’s inside of you and there you can set yourself free.

So I invite you to look closely for what suffering may be hiding from you in clear sight.

Whatever it is, if it feels bad you can get free of it, even though your mind may say it’s impossible.

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