The Inevitable Meeting with Kali

Posted on September 25, 2017

Kali is depicted in Indian mythology as a black warrior Goddess of formidable power and fierceness as the expression of absolute compassion. She embodies a universal force that comes into everyone’s life. That meeting occurs when life holds up a mirror in which you see negative aspects of your personality, which your ego has a stake in hiding or denying. When that happens, the ego will justify and defend itself. Because it is defending something indefensible – its own unreality pretending to be real – this reaction leads to great suffering and anger.

To deal successfully with a Kali experience, it is necessary to have a commitment to liberation that is greater and more powerful than the ego’s defense system. It means you have to give your life to liberation. Only then can you detect where you still hold on out of pride or weakness.

Kali is the supreme power, the power of naked compassion, the power of time that dissolves anything that holds us imprisoned in what is temporal and mortal. Only your immortality will survive Her. Having a keen desire for liberation from suffering brings to your attention the inner sources of your suffering, so you can set yourself free.

Notice when your mind is complaining about something that has to do with defending something in you that is painful. Drop the defense. Try your best to see how this moment serves you. How what happened is a blessing in disguise. Mistrust the impulse to defend or attack. Turn inside instead to see what it is in you that you are defending. If you look sincerely, you will be shown. Here is the true cause of pain and discomfort, and here you can set yourself free.

As long as you have anything to defend, you are not yet free. Dropping the defense is as easy as deciding to return your awareness to the Heart where your freedom always resides. It will heal and nurture your entire being, and that includes everything because you are one with all.




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