The Irrevocable Intention for 2015…and Beyond!

Posted on December 31, 2014

Before diving into setting new intentions for the next year, let’s honor what we already have achieved and the grace we have received in 2014. Gratitude always opens us to a new and greater understanding of reality.

Now, how can you approach 2015 and open for more of what you want in your life, and less of what you don’t want? It’s actually quite simple.

Everything that happens to us, happens in the mind. We perceive it as “out there” but it’s all perceived “in here.” In fact the whole universe, including our bodies and even the mind itself, is perceived and therefore happens in the mind. And how we perceive what we perceive depends on the quality of our mind.

The mind is the greatest miracle and the greatest mystery. It has immense wisdom and power. Nothing is beyond the reach of the mind. It contains time and space, has boundless intelligence and it’s power of discernment can show us how we can discover our inherent Divinity. The mind contains not only everything, it can also evaluate and correct itself.

So, simple point: if you want to have a better 2015 and thereafter, the most important thing you can do is improve that wherein you perceive everything.

The nature of the mind is naturally pure and clear and deep, like undisturbed water. But, like water, it can be contaminated. If it is contaminated, if the medium of perception is not clear, nothing will be clear. We will observe everything like looking through a pair of dirty glasses and our entire world will be contaminated.

If you want to know the root cause of everything that’s not right in your life, look no further.

The mind can have one of five different conditions: It can be disturbed, stupefied, distracted, one-pointed, or perfectly controlled. Consider the quality of any experience and you can get an idea of the state of mind that produced it. The mind gets disturbed by anger, fear, attachment, desire, hated and doubt. It becomes dark, dull and dense from grief, dejection, worry, shame and hopelessness.

When disturbance and dullness blend with motivation, enthusiasm, courage and clarity, the mind becomes distracted. All these three states will bring you more of what you don’t want. There will be no clarity and confidence. We will be indecisive, fearful, uncertain and lack creativity.

I can think of no better New-Years resolution than making a firm decision to change this state of affairs. To make the mind clear, peaceful and focused will HAVE to improve your life enormously.

We are all capable of making these changes in the mind. They come when we add the elements of purity, clarity, truth and peacefulness. This will allow the mind to regain its natural inner luminosity and it will give us confidence, power and wisdom. Only a clear and peaceful mind can open us to love, the very essence of happiness.

So there you have it: The irrevocable intention to improve that, which will improve everything – that is the root of yoga. The fruit is the bliss and peace of Self-realization. You are the only one who can do that for you. Let it be not just the beginning of a new year, but the beginning of a new world!


Happy New Year!

Ram Giri
and the HeartSourcing Yoga team



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4 Responses to “The Irrevocable Intention for 2015…and Beyond!”

  1. Kay Henderson
    Dec 31, 2014

    Ram Giri,
    I read your book frequently, taking it slowly and marking it up. Thank you for this post and for your book and for sharing your path. It has made a difference for me, shown me where to look for my own.
    Deep Regards,

  2. sol
    Jan 01, 2015

    simple and to the root of solutions.
    thank u

  3. Administrator
    Jan 13, 2015

    Thank you Kay! Happy that you are enjoying the book.
    The path takes us always to where we need to go to…inside.
    Love and blessings, rg

  4. Administrator
    Jan 13, 2015

    Thank you dear!
    love, rg

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