The Place of Ultimate Refuge

Posted on September 17, 2010

Life is full of pain sometimes, where do we turn to find some relief?

Look at your fear, depression, anxiety, worry. They are all about the past and the future, are they not?

Now bring your attention to the present moment. Not ‘sort of,’ but really come into the now. Get focused on the breath. Feel it streaming in and out. Then go even closer. Let the mind become very still and pay close attention to every smallest part of each breath. Then, when your attention is truly focused in the Now, look around you. Are you safe right now? Can you handle this moment?

Now where is your pain? Can you find it?

It can’t exist in the Now. Since all pain and fear are about past or future, when you take those away you take away the breeding ground of suffering. In the Now you are free and you have found relief from your suffering.

Practice that again and again and even the strongest suffering will weaken and eventually melt away.

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