The Yoga of the Lover and the Beloved

Posted on December 20, 2011

There is no time better than now to remember that in your heart lies the immense potential of all the unconditional love that is possible.  And the wisdom to use it.

Imagine that!

You have a Buddha inside of you.

The second coming of Christ can take place—where else?—in your heart!

What could you do with that love, that higher awareness, if you knew how?

You could heal your own life.

  • You could find peace in that busy, stressed-out mind of yours.
  • You could end all the fear, sadness and guilt.
  • You could help your body be healthy, strong and beautiful.
  • You could actually become happy.
  • You could enlighten yourself!

And it wouldn’t stop there. It would radiate from you into your relationships, into your world.

You would be the light that everyone is looking for.

Imagine that!

But you’re caught inside you. You’re caught in your negative emotions and thoughts.

You’re the sun imagining you’re a fire fly.

You’re the vast ocean, constantly worried about a little wave.

You are boxed in by your stressful thoughts and emotions. They are the prison that keeps your heart constrained until you deal with them and resolve them.

Break down that jail of your heart!

How is it done? Dissolve the obstacles at their source and don’t get caught up in why it’s the way it is. That long story of your suffering is no longer necessary.

It’s not the “why” but the “how” that matters now. How do you change what you feel, who you are, now?

Back to the tremendous healing potential of your heart, the most powerful medicine of all. How can you tap into that?

  1. Take some time. Become still.
  2. Go to a troubling emotion. Feel what’s going on inside you. Notice the strongest body sensation.

Do it now. Be gentle.

If you don’t go to them, how will your emotions ever heal? By talking about them, you say? You’ve tried that.

Ready to go on?

  1. Be present with that sensation. Realize that it’s not a threat, ever. So what is it? It’s a part of you that needs help.
  2. So go to it, OPEN up to it, and pay ATTENTION. Feel it. Be with it. That is the opposite of what you have been doing so far.
  3. When you open to it and pay attention, then what happens? Notice that.

You may notice that it weakens.

Take your time, be gentle, do a little bit of it at a time. In small steps, this is the application of love to what hurts you. This is the best medicine—and you are the doctor.

The feeling may move from place to place in your body. Go with it. Be still. Give yourself this powerful but gentle healing.

So now there are two parts of you, two poles:

The first one is this stressful sensation, this complex of negative thoughts, emotions and behavior. That’s your “stuff.” Everyone has stuff.

The other pole is the depth of your heart, with its amazing healing power, its deep peace, its profound presence of unconditional love. That’s who you really are.

So can you sense your heart of hearts, the Source of healing?

And can you feel that knot in the stomach (or wherever it is), that source of pain.

Now connect the two in your mind. Imagine the immense light in your heart shining into that knot, the place of darkness, the pain.

Let the light dissolve the darkness. It will.

Stay with it, become still. Give yourself this essence of the heart, this nectar. And become totally receptive to that love, open up to it in the place of your pain.

This is true yoga, true union.

This is the holy grail of all healing. You are the cosmic lover and the human beloved. In that inner embrace you are one.

Darkness (and pain) cannot stand up for long to the light. When the light penetrates, the darkness is gone.

Love yourself enough to give you this revolutionary medicine. Be among those who know how to use the great healing power that slumbers inside you.

Merry Christmas!

With love,

Ram Giri
and the Skills for Awakening team

For further instruction and help, including free HeartSourcing videos and much more, go to Spend some time on this site and explore. And let us know how you are doing!

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5 Responses to “The Yoga of the Lover and the Beloved”

  1. Sol
    Dec 21, 2011

    Ram giri….thank you. Your teachings are making me live a better life…my life as god dreams it:)

  2. Diana
    Jan 02, 2012

    Firefly or Sun, playing G or being G. This is the question & you provide us a beautiful way to the answer. Thank you.

  3. Therese Leonzal
    Jan 06, 2012

    Thank you Ram Giri… I forget the teachings. It’s like I have Alzheimer’s. I carry the card that you gave me “The Work of Byrin Katie” I keep it w/me wherever I go but forget to use it when I need it most. I listen almost daily to your wonderful CD “Living with an Open Heart “and get so much comfort from that… Maybe I think I’ll become enlightened through osmosis because I do not employ the exercises that you have outlined. My insecurities seam relentless and overwhelm my heart and I become consumed… almost like I am being seduced by my own familiar pain body. Yes please help me remember that in my heart lies the immense potential of all the unconditional love that is possible. But is it really possible to change what I feel, who I am, and let the light dissolve the darkness? I know the answer, but what I don’t understand is why when I think I have moved forward I find myself facing the challenges again and again. I can almost hear you say “that is perfect and exactly what you need at that very moment”… but Ram Giri I don’t like to be challenged all of the time it’s exhausting. Not to mention it’s not very graceful or nice to watch… uggggh… Okay I hear you and will keep working on the process. Thank you and I do love you for being and for sharing your gifts.

  4. Administrator
    Jan 07, 2012

    Dear Therese,
    Please drop the ‘almost’ in your sentence. It’s true: You ARE being seduced by your own familiar pain body. What you are describing is exactly that process. —
    Then what you are writing is that you know how it is and what works, but you cannot DO it – yet. That is crucial. Only when we begin to practice do we begin to be able to absorb the grace that actually, invisibly, surrounds us at all times. That is how self-effort and grace work together. —
    So how can you get to the point that you will see real and lasting change in your life? The fact that you are becoming exhausted by facing the same challenges again and again tells us two things: 1. You have not yet been able to fully learn the lessons that are implied in these challenges,that is why they keep repeating; and 2. you need more support. I can offer you that support, but you need to be ready to accept it. Perhaps the exhaustion is driving you to that point. Know that when you are ready, my arms are open. In your specific case ongoing support is very critical. I can imagine that the coaching program would be ideal for you with its almost daily contact and support. Please consider it and call me if you have any questions. Neither you nor I want to see you keep suffering. With much love – Ram Giri

  5. Djuna Van der Borgt
    Feb 03, 2012

    Simple and powerful visualization that works immediately! Gratitude!

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