Your Problem is not the Problem

Posted on April 1, 2013

The problem is that you haven’t dealt with your issue in a spiritual and skillful way. When you do, you can resolve it permanently. Let’s have a look at how this can be done.

Everyone struggles with something. You may have a pattern of anxiety, relationship conflicts, depressive tendencies, past trauma, addictions, you name it. You may face it in flare-ups, or it may simmer on a slow burner, robbing you of the happiness and fulfillment you could have. Here are 10 steps that might help you to resolve it permanently.

  1. Resolve to take action. Nothing is gained by ignoring it. Patterns can be dormant for a while, but they will come back again and again, unless you remove their true cause. Unless you’re proactive, you’re just waiting for more pain.
  2. Change the way you think about your problem. This begins by no longer thinking of it as a problem, which is negative. Call it a “challenge.” Challenges are something you can master.
  3. Mastering challenges IS the path to enlightenment. Your confusion is meant to become your wisdom, depression becomes joy, fear becomes love, anger becomes peace, and stress and conflict become harmony. This is the purpose of challenges.
  4. By overcoming your challenge you can find your true strengths and abilities. In fact, no one has ever found real fulfillment and happiness by having it easy.
  5.  Find appropriate support. This is a key point. Support means satsang, spiritual community. No one can succeed in this great spiritual adventure without the help of spiritual friends.
  6. Apprentice yourself to a personal teacher or mentor. This is the time-tested way. Only today many think they can get enlightened from books or seminars. In reality freedom comes from the deep work of clearing obstructions and opening the heart to the miracle that you are.
  7. Prioritize your goals. The supreme goal for all being is enlightenment. Since you have the grace to be aware of that, make it your supreme goal. Devote your time and resources to that. Stop moving in circles. As you awaken, all other goals will be fulfilled as well.
  8.  Commit yourself to a consistent daily practice. Learn and use the best skills available today. If your yearning is genuine and powerful, it will enable you to distinguish the best from the merely good.
  9. Don’t allow ego to interfere with your practice. Know that this will inevitably happen. It is the pain body’s job to test your resolve. It is your job to free yourself of that tendency to self-sabotage.
  10. Always remember that the most potent medicine is in your heart! In truth, you are already enlightened. Now attune your efforts to the inherent power of wisdom and love to resolve any challenge and realize your eternal freedom.

with love,

Ram Giri
and the Skills for Awakening team



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2 Responses to “Your Problem is not the Problem”

  1. teresa grimes
    Mar 08, 2014

    I can’t express how listening to these words and practicing the skills indicated has changed my life. During times when I still struggle with my emotions/emotional reactions to events in my life, I no longer believe it is “bad”. I can start to see how the struggles are opportunities, even though I may “wish” them away and try to avoid them. I truly believe they are here for me as help, pointing the way to how I can move toward peace, take all that life will offer me and not worry. I still experience stressful emotions, but I absolutely believe I will “work” through them, using the skills I have learned from Ram Giri and listening to the words of the wise individuals he advises us to look to. My life is now a journey, to be enjoyed and to learn from. Thank you so much Ram Giri, love Teresa

  2. Administrator
    Mar 08, 2014

    Thank you Teresa, you’ve been a great student! Much love, Ramgiri

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